Artistic Statement


Theatre begins with one person standing in front of another and sharing.

Cleveland Public Theatre is a living experience, a forum for honest and powerful human-to-human connection. No matter if it's light comedy, emotional tragedy, abstract expressionist performance, musical, solo-show, cabaret or devised creation, at the core of it all is bringing people together to experience something powerful and unique. CPT is about connection.

CPT connects artists with each other and provides a forum for collaboration and development. CPT connects artists to new scripts, new ways of working and new forms of theatre. CPT connects Cleveland to the world with cutting edge examples of nationally significant work. CPT connects the world to Cleveland as a nationally recognized hub of new plays and innovative programs.

Most importantly we connect you to the community through a broad range of programming from diverse perspectives.

We desire connection.

Connect to a powerful story that rings true and feels universal. Connect to a character that reminds you of someone you know or is unlike anyone you've ever met. Connect to ideas and concepts that lead you to new ways of thinking.

We connect to others through empathy and compassion. We connect to ideas through our experiences and understanding. We connect to ourselves and our community.

It begins with one person. Please connect.

Raymond Bobgan
Executive Artistic Director

CPT Artistic Statement