Education is a core aspect of Cleveland Public Theatre's mission. Throughout our history we have offered unique educational programs that celebrate the artist within all of us.

Throughout the nation, educational experts are learning more and more about how the arts can play a vital role in personal development. Arts programs have been linked to marked increases in academic and job related skills, positive social behavior, and greater happiness. These studies consistently point out that arts programs are shown most effective when they engage students in small class settings in long-term experiences that culminate in completed projects. CPT's educational programs are conceived on these best practices and the results have been impressive.

The mission of our education program is directly linked to the mission of the theatre. We nurture compassion and consciousness in our community through arts-centered, long-term, performance-based programs.

CPT education programs follow three, deeply related core principles that reflect our aesthetic, pedagogical and political approach to education.

Commitment to Community
We develop close, enduring relationships with our partners and students, demonstrating to the community that we are trustworthy and consistent. Long-term relationships facilitate open exchange among our participants, teaching artists and CPT.

Art Can Change Lives
Every program participant is considered an artist and is fully involved in the creative process. Together we create original works of theatre and the participants contribute to the words spoken, the movement and to the production elements. This approach engages the participants deeply and gives them ownership of the final product. Believing that art can change lives leads us to approach participants with openness to their spirits and minds, yet we are rigorous and expect a high degree of discipline and focus. We nurture and challenge our students as we encourage their creativity.

Celebrate Diverse Voices
CPT education programs focus on groups of people who are often excluded from art-making. We believe that the artistic community and the community as a whole will be richer if a broader group is "at the table."

Core Programs
CPT currently runs four core education programs that are unlike any other programs in the community, based on student population, classroom setting, and artistic approach.

Student Theatre Enrichment Program (STEP)
Arts education and job training for low income urban teens. Youth develop performance, academic and interpersonal skills as they create and perform an original play that is toured to public parks in Cleveland.

Brick City Theatre
In partnership with Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority, Brick City offers safe, after-school arts programming on site for children ages 5-14 who live in public housing.

Y-Haven Theatre Project
A theatre program for residents of Y-Haven, a transitional facility for homeless men in recovery. The men learn performing arts and technical aspects of theatre to create, and perform for the community, an original play based on their personal experiences.

We are proud to be a leader in the arts and education community, offering powerful experiences for adults and children throughout the Cleveland area.

For more information on education opportunities at Cleveland Public Theatre, please contact Chris Seibert, Education Director at 216.631.2727 x 201 or via email at