CPT Now Accepting Applications For Performers And Artists For Pandemonium '11; AMUSE ME

Cleveland Public Theatre is planning a festive evening in keeping with its tradition of presenting innovative, original artistic work, featuring diverse artists. On Saturday, September 10, 2011 CPT will present its annual fundraising extravaganza and party of the year - PANDEMONIUM '11; AMUSE ME. Featuring dozens of area theatre, dance, visual and performance artists and with fabulous food and drink, Pandemonium is a benefit like no other and an opportunity for you to be a featured performer.

Your participation in PANDEMONIUM '11 will support Cleveland Public Theatre's challenging and inspiring performance work, ensure that emerging artists and small performance companies have opportunities to participate in the arts and sustain CPT's work with urban youth and adults in transition.

How PANDEMONIUM Works... Each year, PANDEMONIUM is a success due to the generosity of over 100 artists performing throughout the CPT campus. This year CPT is looking to tap into Northeast Ohio's amazing arts community more than ever.

Over 800 guests will be invited to explore the CPT campus and create their own artistic adventure. With more than 60 performances to choose from, a guest may encounter a band in the balcony, giant puppets outside, an art installation in a hallway, and a 10 minute play in a garage - all in the span of 20 minutes.

PANDEMONIUM is a wonderful opportunity for you to have an artistic platform and showcase your work. It will also give you the chance to meet and be inspired by the best performing and visual artists in our region.

PANDEMONIUM is a huge production, so there is little technical support. While each space will have basic lighting and sound support, it's more about the performance and the art. The artist shouldn't get too caught up in elaborate plans because they don't have much time in their performance space. But don't confuse minimalism and resourcefulness with lack of style and quality.

There will be a stage manager available for one rehearsal and the event, but it is up to each artist to provide their own artistic collaborators and produce their individual performance or installation.

PANDEMONIUM performances should be approximately 10 minutes in length and involve no more than 5 artists. Most performances are presented multiple times throughout the evening. Art installations can range from large to small, depending on the individual needs and space available.

While CPT is not able to pay artists for their participation in PANDEMONIUM, everyone is invited to enjoy the party of the year after their performances. We provide free food and beverages in the artist greenroom.

PANDEMONIUM is just that - PANDEMONIUM! Flexibility is a must.

Who Gets Selected? Proposals should be bold, inventive, entertaining and thought provoking. We look for diversity in our artistic offerings at PANDEMONIUM. Proposals can range from bands, dance companies of all varieties, short plays, art installations, poetry, performance art, wandering characters, comedians, etc. The sky is the limit, so we encourage you to think outside of the box.

In selecting works for this event we will be looking at a number of factors:

**Has the artist/group demonstrated the ability to produce the proposed work? We aren't looking for top notch producers, but we do want to feel confident that the artist/group has a clear understanding of what it takes to pull off a show.

**Has the artist demonstrated artistic excellence? While all artistic enterprises require risk and there are no guarantees, it's important that the artist has shown an understanding of artistry. This could be demonstrated in a work sample, resume of artist, script of past or current work, or in a project summary.

**Is the work adventurous and new? CPT has a history of producing work that no one else in town will produce because it is somehow "outside the box." The work doesn't need to be experimental or weird (though that is fine too), but it does need to be entertaining and compelling.

If you would like to be considered for Pandemonium '11, please download and complete the application form below:

Download the application form here

Deadline for submissions is Friday, July 1, 2011.