Wanderlust continues through May 29!

CPT is proud to present the World Premiere of Wanderlust: A History of Walking, Based on the book by Rebecca Solnit, Adapted and Directed by Matthew Earnest, onstage in the James Levin Theatre May 6 - May 29.

Wanderlust opens with a team of paleoanthropologists examining the bones of a recently discovered 3.2 million year-old hominid they have named Lucy and moves to peripatetic lectures of the Greeks to modern tourism - from labyrinths to treadmills, from 19th century mountaineering to the ancient Hajj, from Dr. King's civil rights marches to the AIDS Walk and ultimately, to Las Vegas, Solnit's symbol of a post-Walking America. Featuring Kevin S. Charnas, Alexis Generette Floyd, Trae Hicks, Nicole Perrone (Member, AEA), Jonathan Ramos, Pandora Robertson and Adam Thatcher

World Premiere